South Carolina Oncology Associates, PA
166 Stoneridge Drive
Columbia, South Carolina 29210

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South Carolina Oncology Associates (SCOA) is the only comprehensive cancer treatment center in South Carolina that provides medical, radiation and gynecological oncology plus important patient support services like diagnostic radiology, infusion therapy, hospice and research - all under one roof.

SCOA's roots date back over 30 years, to the beginning of oncology in South Carolina. Our 17 staff oncologists have an average of 26 years of experience and are sought-after contributors to scientific publications, worldwide presenters and partners for clinical trials. Many SCOA physicians are also on the teaching faculty at the University of South Carolina Medical School.

The oncologists are supported by a staff of oncology-certified nurses, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, physicists, lab and diagnostic technicians, medical researchers, licensed social workers, therapists and financial counselors. Together, the SCOA staff brings a level of expertise and comprehensive care that is rare in the Southeast.

Our 120,000 square foot cancer center in Columbia, SC brings state-of-the-art radiation technology, diagnostics and treatment together to increase comfort and help reduce the stress cancer brings to patients and their families.

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Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial
Immune Monitoring Protocol in Men With Prostate Cancer Enrolled in a Clinical Trial of Sipuleucel-T
Status: Enrolling
Updated: 2/29/2016
Columbia, SC
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