About Clinical Trials GPS

As part of Clinical Trials Institute, LLC, Clinical Trials GPS is here to help connect you with the future of drug development.

Clinical Trials GPS was created to assist people in finding solutions to their health problems. Clinical trials are a critical part of the drug development process and all drug treatments must go through an FDA monitored, rigorous process. Every drug in the United States has been through this process and all new drug innovations must go through clinical trials for FDA approval.

Clinical Trials GPS was developed to guide people through the process of learning about clinical trials, help people find a trial that may be of interest, and connect them with the closest research site.

If you are looking for the latest innovations in drug development, trying to find a treatment that is currently unavailable, or just trying to help the industry make strides toward better treatment solutions, you can find a clinical trial here on Clinical Trials GPS.

Our site has a comprehensive listing of all trials in the United States and is categorized to help you find it quick. ClinicalTrialsGPS has information on trials from all the leading pharmaceutical companies, academic institutions and trials ranging from Cancer to Diabetes and Vaccines to Osteoarthritis.

Interested in just learning about the clinical trial process or about an indication? Explore the site and you will find a wealth of information to help you determine if a clinical trial is right for you.

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