Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasonography in Diagnosing Early-Stage Ovarian Cancer in Patients With an Adnexal Mass Undergoing Surgery to Remove the Ovary

Conditions:Ovarian Cancer, Cancer
Therapuetic Areas:Oncology
Age Range:21 - Any
Start Date:January 2007

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Microvascular Perfusion Sonographic Imaging to Detect Early Stage Ovarian Cancer

RATIONALE: New diagnostic procedures, such as contrast-enhanced ultrasonography, may be an
effective method of finding ovarian cancer.

PURPOSE: This clinical trial is studying how well contrast-enhanced ultrasonography works in
diagnosing early-stage ovarian cancer in patients with an adnexal mass undergoing surgery to
remove the ovary.


- Determine whether use of a contrast agent improves the images of the ovaries during

OUTLINE: This is a multicenter study.

Patients may undergo baseline transabdominal or transvaginal ultrasonography, if not already
done. Patients then undergo contrast-enhanced transabdominal or transvaginal ultrasonography
using perflutren lipid microspheres (Definity®) IV.

Pathology reports from tissue collected during subsequent oophorectomy is analyzed and
compared with ultrasonography findings.


- Diagnosis of adnexal mass

- Scheduled to undergo surgical oophorectomy


- Not pregnant or nursing

- Negative pregnancy test

- No known respiratory failure as manifested by signs and symptoms of carbon dioxide
retention or hypoxemia

- No pulmonary vasculitis

- No known history of severe emphysema

- No known history of pulmonary emboli

- No other condition that causes pulmonary hypertension due to compromised pulmonary
arterial vasculature

- No known history of severe pulmonary hypertension (i.e., systolic pulmonary artery
pressures > 90 mm Hg)

- No known history of congenital heart defect that creates a bidirectional or
right-to-left shunt

- No worsening or clinically unstable congestive heart failure

- No known acute myocardial infarction or acute coronary syndromes

- No known serious ventricular arrhythmias

- Not at high risk for arrhythmia due to prolongation of the QT interval

- No known or suspected hypersensitivity to blood, blood products, or albumin

- No known hypersensitivity to perflutren

- No known or suspected hypersensitivity to octafluoropropane or any other ingredients
of perflutren lipid microspheres (Definity®)

- No mental status problems, illiteracy, or other circumstance that would preclude
giving informed consent


- See Disease Characteristics
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