Explore Effects of Dietary Fish Oil in Human Skin

Age Range:50 - 99
Start Date:January 24, 2018
End Date:March 1, 2022
Contact:Diane Fiolek

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The purpose of this study is to explore the potential differences in the skin of people who
take fish oil versus soybean oil pills.

Inclusion Criteria:

At least 50 years of age.

Good general health.

No disease states or physical conditions, which would impair evaluation of the biopsy

Signed, written and witnessed, Informed Consent Form

BMI is between 18 to 36 kg/m2

Exclusion Criteria:

Pregnant or lactating women or women contemplating pregnancy for the duration of the
protocol. A pregnant test will not be given to women who are capable to pregnant.

Lovaza™ (prescription fish oil) and not willing to go off Lovaza for 3 weeks prior to
enrollment to end of study.

Frequent NSAID use (not including low dose aspirin) and not willing to go off NSAIDS for 3
weeks prior to enrollment and to end of study.

Steroids (except inhaled steroids for asthma) and not willing to go off steroids for 3
weeks prior to enrollment to end of study.

Other medications that may affect the biomarkers of interest.

Any supplement use (i.e. fish oils, flax seed oils and other oils) that can affect the
biomarkers of interest.

Diet with frequent (1-2 days per week) oily fish (mackerel, salmon, sardines, cold water
fish, et al).

History of photosensitive conditions (connective tissue diseases, polymorphous light
eruption, porphyrias etc).

Received an experimental drug or used experimental device in the 30 days prior to admission
to the study.

History of keloids or any other condition that would complicate wound healing.

Allergic to soybean, soybean oil, peanuts or seafood.

History of allergic reactions to local anesthetics.
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