Examination of Psychological Tools and Tracking in an Online Intervention for Type 2 Diabetes

Conditions:Diabetes, Diabetes
Therapuetic Areas:Endocrinology
Age Range:21 - 70
Start Date:January 27, 2017
End Date:May 1, 2021
Contact:Laura Saslow, PhD
Phone:(734) 764-7836

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The goal of the research is to optimize an online and mobile multicomponent 12-month diet and
lifestyle intervention for improving the blood glucose control of individuals with type 2

The core of the program, administered to all participants, includes recommendations to follow
a very low carbohydrate, ketogenic diet. The researchers will test whether adding the
following experimental components will enhance the intervention's ability to improve health
outcomes: (1) active vs. periodic self-monitoring of dietary intake using an "app"; (2)
training vs. no training in positive affect; and (3) training vs. no training in mindfulness
and mindful eating.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Weight: Body Mass Index of 25-45 kg/m2 or greater.

- Current HbA1c of 6.5% or higher

- Regular access to the internet

Exclusion Criteria:

- Taking glucose lowering medications other than metformin

- Being pregnant or breastfeeding

- Currently undergoing cancer treatments

- Active use of a weight loss program or medications

- Self-reported impaired renal or hepatic function

- Self-reported untreated thyroid condition

- Vegetarian or vegan

- Weight loss surgery within the past year

- Medical concerns that prevent participants from following the assigned protocol
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