Pulmonary Vascular Disease Phenomics Program PVDOMICS

Conditions:High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Cardiology
Therapuetic Areas:Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Age Range:18 - 100
Start Date:November 2016
End Date:September 2021
Contact:Serpil C Erzurum, MD

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Redefining Pulmonary Hypertension Through Pulmonary Vascular Disease Phenomics (PVDOMICS)

It is recognized that patients with various forms of heart and lung disease exhibit varying
degrees of pulmonary hypertension, pulmonary vascular remodeling, and right ventricular
dysfunction. The genetic, molecular, and cellular processes driving these phenomena are not
well understood. Rapid advances in high throughput omic methodology, combined with powerful
bioinformatics and network biology capability, have created the opportunity to conduct
studies that broadly search for homologies and differences across the spectrum of disease
states associated with pulmonary hypertension, and determinants of the spectrum of right
ventricular compensation that accompanies these conditions

The protocol is designed to lead to new understanding of patients with pulmonary hypertension
and right heart dysfunction, based on molecular, clinical, hemodynamic and radiographic
characteristics. New classifications will be a product of association of these in depth
phenotypic descriptions with specific molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis. The protocol will
be implemented to lead to identification of both sub-phenotypes of lung vascular disease and
to biomarkers of disease that may be useful for early diagnosis or for assessment of
interventions to prevent or treat this condition.

Inclusion Criteria:

Patients ages >18 years of age referred for right heart catheterization for further
evaluation of known PVD or to be at risk for PVD due to established cardiac disease or
pulmonary disease

- Able to perform complete diagnostic testing listed subsequently (cardiac
catheterization, echo, exercise test, PFT's, ECG, chest CT, quality of life
questionnaires, ventilation/perfusion scan, cardiac MRI, body composition
bioimpedance, and sleep study)

- Subject signs informed consent to perform required testing for the protocol

Exclusion Criteria:

Dialysis dependent renal function; In the clinician's opinion, too ill to perform the
protocol testing; Pregnant or nursing
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