Endogenous Opioid Mechanisms for Rejection Sensitivity

Therapuetic Areas:Neurology
Age Range:18 - 25
Start Date:August 2016
End Date:June 2020
Contact:Kristen Villalobos, BS
Phone:(734) 232-0433

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This project hypothesizes that the brain's opioid system determines rejection sensitivity, a
personality trait that is a vulnerability factor and feature of several psychiatric
disorders. This project will use positron emission tomography to measure the brain's opioid
response to social rejection and acceptance in a nonclinical population with varying levels
of rejection sensitivity. The results will provide the first major step towards understanding
a neurotransmitter mechanism for rejection sensitivity, allowing for further investigation
into predicting and treating its associated disorders.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Men and women age 18-25 (inclusive)

- Right-handed

- Native English speaker

- Not currently in a romantic relationship

- Willing and able to participate in a PET scan

Exclusion Criteria:

- Not on hormonal birth control

- Not pregnant

- Consume less than 5 cigarettes per week and less than 14 alcoholic drinks per week, on

- No use of recreational or street drugs in the past two years (e.g. marijuana)

- Willing to abstain from alcohol and/or tobacco for 48 hours

- No major untreated medical problems

- Never diagnosed with a psychiatric or neurological disorder

- Potential problems with having an MRI scan (claustrophobia, metal objects, etc.)
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