A Quick Peek at Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Woman getting CT scan for breast cancerSeptember is drawing to a close, so don’t be surprised if you start seeing a little more pink around your town. That’s right; next month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! Every year during October, numerous affiliated groups and organizations pool their resources in order to help raise more awareness for breast cancer patients and their families. Throughout the entire month, plenty of information and support will be offered to anyone who wants to learn more about this deadly disease.  Breast Cancer Awareness Month also serves as a perfect opportunity to remind women (and men) of how important it is to have routine breast exams. This year, we wanted to show you what this month is all about.

Importance of Breast Cancer Research

During this month, there should be a number of new donations made to support future breast cancer clinical research. Actually, many of the pink ribbons and other breast cancer support apparel are sold in order to raise more funding for ongoing research programs. In the last decade, medical researchers have been able to further their knowledge of this deadly disease by leaps and bounds. However, we still have a long rough road ahead of us before we can develop a comprehensive cure. These breast cancer clinical studies have allowed medical researchers to develop better methods of treatment, as well as improve available therapies for breast cancer survivors. In fact, many of the current tests which are used to detect breast cancer at an earlier stage would not be available if it were not for these ongoing clinical trials. All of this crucial medical research is only made possible with further support and funding.

Breast Cancer Affects both Men and Women

While breast cancer is the most common form of cancer amongst women, it is also diagnosed in plenty of men as well. We all have breast tissue, and so that means that any of us could potentially develop breast cancer. In the last few years, more information has been made available for men who have been afflicted by this disease. In fact, there are now a number of organizations which are dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer amongst the male population. They have been helping to bring their cause out of the “shadow of the pink” by promoting ribbons that are pink and blue during October.

Early Detection Saves Lives

This is something that you will be hearing a lot about during this year’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and for a very good reason. Cancer clinical research has shown that when breast cancer is discovered at an earlier stage, the five year survival rate for those patients is over 90%. So, this October, there will be many organizations which will be reminding people of the importance of early detection for breast cancer. Even though we have been developing new medications and treatments for breast cancer, a person’s best chance of surviving this illness is by getting regular breast examinations and finding it earlier. Unfortunately, there are still many women who don’t know enough about the types of breast examinations which are available. For instance, recent advancements in mammography have helped to reduce the breast cancer mortality rate by nearly 30% amongst women who are older than 50. Women in that age range should actually consider getting screened for breast cancer at least once every three years. It is also important for women (starting in their 20s) to give themselves a self-breast exam once a month. Recent research has shown that these regular self-breast exams can help to save many lives, but there will be a lot more available resources during October.

Show Your Support this Year

Now that you have learned a little more about why Breast Cancer Awareness Month is so important, it is up to you to take the next step. So far, 2012 has been a pretty great year, and hopefully this October will be another great addition. All other things aside, the real purpose of this month is to help spread the word about a disease which could affect any of us, and in the end, a simple sign of support really goes a long way. So this October, take a chance and show your support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!