Orthopedics / Podiatry

Enroll in an Orthopedic Clinical TrialThrough podiatry clinical studies science and medicine has learned a lot about how the foot and ankles function, as well as ways to treat the wide variety of disorders that can affect them. At the least a foot disorder can be uncomfortable, but at the most it can be debilitating.

There are ongoing podiatry clinical trials to learn better ways to diagnose and treat foot and ankle disorders. If you suffer from an ailment that affects your feet, ankles or lower legs you may qualify to participate in one of the current podiatry clinical trials. Please review the list and contact us if you are interested.

What is Podiatry?

Podiatry is the area of medicine that studies disorders affecting the feet, ankles and lower legs. There are many specialty areas within the field of podiatry including surgery, biomechanics and sports medicine. Around the world podiatrists may also be known as podologists or chiropodists. Podiatry can deal with foot disorders that range from things like athlete’s foot, calluses, corns, and bunions to arthritis, fractures, nerve damage, and injuries to the feet, ankles and associated body parts.

Podiatry Treatments

Podiatry treatments depend on the location and type of ailment that the patient is dealing with. Some treatments can be as simple as having the patient wear a new pair of shoes. Others are much more serious and may require surgery. Common podiatry treatments include prescribing anti-inflammatory drugs for diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Podiatrists also often develop orthotics for their patients. These are outside devices used to modify the structure or function of parts of the foot and ankle. Inserts in a shoe are an example of an orthotic. Treating podiatry disorders may sometimes require physical therapy and as a last resort, surgery.