Hunger and Learning Study in Preschoolers

Conditions:Obesity Weight Loss
Therapuetic Areas:Endocrinology
Age Range:3 - 4
Start Date:July 1, 2018
End Date:December 23, 2020
Contact:Lori Elder
Phone:(434) 924-8570

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Assessing if Feelings of Hunger and Fullness Affect Learning in Children 3-4 Years Old

This prospective random controlled cross-over intervention studies is designed to ascertain
if children feel different levels of hunger and fullness before and after eating test meals
consisting of high-satiety vs. usual foods and if the child's perceived hunger/fullness is
related to their salivary ghrelin levels and a variety of learning outcomes. Data are
collected at the Diet and Nutrition (DAN) laboratory on repeated study days (8am - 4 pm).

The investigator's previous research has shown that preschoolers recognized changes in the
feelings of hunger/fullness before and after a single test meal. If preschooler's feelings of
hunger are associated with their ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels is not known. This study is
designed to assess children's changes in feelings of hunger throughout the day (8 pm to 4 pm)
and to measure both subjective feelings of hunger and salivary ghrelin levels before and
after a standardized test meal (lunch).

An important secondary outcome related to children's feelings of hunger is their ability to
learn. Currently, there is lack of data on the direct link between perceived hunger/fullness
and learning processes. This study addresses these gaps using preschooler's perceived
feelings of hunger and fullness (using a published 4-point scale (Kranz al.
"High-Protein and High-Dietary-Fiber Breakfasts Result in Equal Feelings of Fullness and
Better Diet Quality in Low-Income Preschoolers Compared with Their Usual Breakfast" J Nutr
doi: 10.3945/jn.116.234153, 2017) and a battery of learning tests (HTKS, KRISP, Stroop-style
tasks, Woodcock Johnson vocabulary test, DCCS, and curisoty measures.)

Inclusion Criteria:

- healthy children

Exclusion Criteria:

- no food allergies

- no medications that affect behavior/learning/appetite
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