Liraglutide Effect in Atrial Fibrillation

Conditions:Atrial Fibrillation
Therapuetic Areas:Cardiology / Vascular Diseases
Age Range:18 - Any
Start Date:February 24, 2019
End Date:December 31, 2022
Contact:Carmen M Baez-Garcia, RN

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Novel Medical Adjunctive Therapy to Catheter Ablation For Atrial Fibrillation (AF)

The goal (or purpose) of this study is to evaluate (study) a new way to stabilize (steady)
the activity between the fat deposits surrounding the heart and the left atrium.

To reduce the amount of EAT, this study will use a medication called Liraglutide. This
medication is known to work on fat deposits and produce weight loss. The investigator is
conducting this study to find out if Liraglutide will reduce the fat deposits surrounding the
participant's heart, and stabilize (and perhaps reduce or eliminate) atrial fibrillation

Inclusion Criteria:

- Male and female, age 18 or older

- Persistent atrial fibrillation defined as continuous AF that is sustained beyond 7
days (or atrial fibrillation in which a decision is made to cardiovert the patient
prior to 7 days).

- BMI ≥27 kg/m2

- Patient wishes to undergo catheter ablation procedure for treatment of atrial

- Receiving follow-up care at the University of Miami

Exclusion Criteria:

- Inability to sign informed consent

- Patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillation and longstanding persistent atrial

- Prior ablation for atrial fibrillation

- Patients not appropriate candidates for catheter ablation such as those with AF due to
acute or chronic precipitating medical conditions, for example hypothyroidism and
hyperthyroidism, significant pulmonary disease, pulmonary embolism, left atrial
thrombus, class IV heart failure)

- Patients with a life expectancy <1 year

- Patients with a serious medical condition (for example, recent cancer with
chemotherapy or radiation therapy within 4 weeks prior to entering the study) who have
not recovered from adverse events due to agents administered more than 4 weeks

- Known contraindications to Liraglutide, such as previous history of pancreatitis or
medullary thyroid carcinoma

- Personal or family history of multiple endocrine neoplasia

- Known serious hypersensitivity reaction to Liraglutide

- Patients using insulin, sulfonylureas, glitazones, sodium-glucose transporters 2
inhibitors (SGLT2i), other Glucagon-like peptide analogues or dipeptidyl peptidase 4

- Type 1 diabetes, defined by American Diabetes Association criteria, history of
diabetic ketoacidosis, pancreas or beta-cell transplantation, or diabetes due to
pancreatitis or pancreatectomy

- Pregnant women

- Women who are breast-feeding or intend to become pregnant
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