Exploration of Pupil Dilation in Horner's Patients Taking Flomax

Age Range:18 - Any
Start Date:September 21, 2018
End Date:August 1, 2020
Contact:Cristos Ifantides, MD

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This study is evaluating the pupil dilation of Horner's Patients who have ever taken an alpha
blocker such as Tamsulosin. Patients will undergo eye dilation as would occur at a yearly eye
examination, but their pupil dilation measurements will be recorded.

This study will enroll 10 participants who have a unilateral Horner's Syndrome AND have a
history of taking an alpha blocker such as Tamsulosin. Participants will be recruited based
on those two enrollment criteria, and after consenting they will undergo pupil dilation with
10% phenylephrine. Once fully dilated the pupil size will be measured. Pupil dilation size of
the eye affected by the Horner's Syndrome will be compared to the eye not affected by
Horner's. Primary study outcome is the comparative dilation size of the Horner's affected eye
to the non affected eye in all subjects.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. Horner's Syndrome

2. History of taking an alpha blocker (tamsulosin/
terazosin/doxazosin/alfuzosin/silodosin) medication

Exclusion Criteria:

1. Subjects with untreated hypertension

2. Subjects with thyrotoxicosis

3. Pregnant women

4. Prisoners

5. Inability to consent

6. Subjects with anatomical narrow angles who have never had a dilated exam
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