Promoting Smoking Cessation in Lung Cancer Screening Through Proactive Treatment

Conditions:Lung Cancer, Smoking Cessation, Smoking Cessation, Pulmonary
Therapuetic Areas:Oncology, Pulmonary / Respiratory Diseases
Age Range:55 - 80
Start Date:March 1, 2019
End Date:July 29, 2022
Contact:Steven B Zeliadt, PhD MPH
Phone:(206) 277-4175

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This pragmatic trial will evaluate the value of routinely providing proactive smoking
cessation support to current smokers as a part of participating in lung cancer screening
within Veterans Health Administration.

This trial is a pragmatic randomized trial targeting the care of current smokers who are
participating in lung cancer screening at two VA sites. Primary care providers at these sites
will be randomized, and half will be offered tools to help integrate proactive smoking
cessation support into the lung cancer screening process. Key proactive elements include
proactive telephone outreach to all current smokers by a VA Quitline counselor that follows
mailed results letters, and providing providers guidance in offering proactive cessation
medication support as part of the lung cancer screening process.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Providers who schedule patients for a lung cancer screening at either of the two VA

- Patients who participate in lung cancer screening and are current smokers at the time
of scheduling their screening exam.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Providers who currently systematically prescribe cessation support medication to all
current smokers will be excluded.

- Patients with urgent findings requiring biopsy/immediate attention on the screening CT
will be excluded.

- Patients with a prior diagnosis of lung cancer or who are receiving active therapy for
any cancer, except skin cancer, will be excluded.

- Patients previously diagnosed with cognitive impairment, dementia, or severe
behavioral disorders, or have an indication in chart review of difficulty
communicating or participating in telephone counseling sessions will be excluded.
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Providence, Rhode Island 02908
Phone: 401-273-7100
Providence, RI
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New York, New York 10010
Phone: 212-686-7500
New York, NY
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Seattle, Washington 98108
Principal Investigator: Steven B. Zeliadt, PhD MPH
Phone: 206-277-4175
Seattle, WA
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