Sonographic Hysterosalpingography: Oil vs Water Based Media (SHOW Trial)

Conditions:Women's Studies, Infertility
Therapuetic Areas:Reproductive
Age Range:18 - 40
Start Date:January 11, 2019
End Date:June 2019
Contact:Erin Hammett, MS

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Therapeutic Effect of Sonographic Hysterosalpingography: Oil vs Water Based Media

Performing fluoroscopic HSG with oil based contrast medium has been shown to increase
pregnancy rates in a subfertile population. This is a pilot study to test the efficacy of as
well as the tolerability and safety of using lipid based oil medium for sonographic based
hysterosalpingography (Sono HSG) compared to water based contrast (i.e. normal saline) for
women seeking fertility. The double blind study will randomize 56 women at the time of Sono
HSG in a 1:1 ratio to receive through the SHG catheter either up to 10 cc of Lipiodol UF® or
normal saline. The investigators will collect subjective pain experience and follow the
subjects for 6 months after the test for pregnancy and collect all adverse events during and
after the procedure.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Eligible for Sono HSG for fertility testing

- In good general health

- Willing and capable of complying with the study procedures

- At least one patent tube and no endometrial pathology on Sono HSG

- Ready to undergo infertility treatment immediately after the test

- Not planning on IVF therapy in the next 6 mos

Exclusion Criteria:

- Known tubal or endometrial (polyp, submucous fibroid, etc.) pathology

- At high risk for tubal disease due to history of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

- Known hypersensitivity to Lipiodol UF®or known allergy to iodine containing contrast
media or shellfish

- Endometrial pathology on Sono HSG requiring further evaluation (as per the performing

- Bilateral tubal occlusion on Sono HSG

- Unable to tolerate potential pain associated with the study.

- Requiring IVF due to severe male factor, known pelvic adhesions, etc.

- Couples with decreased male factor fertility rate (i.e., low sperm count or motility,
i.e. less than 5 million/mL concentration on semen analysis
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