Increasing Uptake of Evidence-Based Screening Services Through CHW-led Multi-modality Intervention

Conditions:Colorectal Cancer, Cancer, Infectious Disease, HIV / AIDS, HIV / AIDS, HIV / AIDS, Hepatitis
Therapuetic Areas:Immunology / Infectious Diseases, Oncology
Age Range:50 - 65
Start Date:April 11, 2017
End Date:February 28, 2022
Contact:Dinah Trevil

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Increasing Uptake of Evidence-Based Screening Services Through CHW-led Multi-modality Intervention: South Florida Center for Reducing Health Disparities

The purpose of this research study is to determine the best way to increase screening for
cervical cancer, colorectal cancer, HIV, and Hepatitis C among underscreened Hispanic,
Haitian and African-American individuals in Hialeah, South Dade, and Little Haiti. The
investigator will compare home testing led by a community health worker (CHW) versus clinic
testing guided by a CHW. Community Health Workers are people who have undergone several weeks
of community outreach and health education training. During the study period the participant
will continue to receive all of their regular medical care from their regular health care
providers. If the participant does not have a health care provider, the Community Health
Workers would be able to help in referring the participant for care at a local health care
clinic located in their community.

Inclusion Criteria:

1. live in one of the three target communities

2. self-identify as Haitian, Hispanic and/or Black.

3. be 50-64 years old

4. need at least one of the four recommended screening services as per USPSTF121
guidelines as follows: never having had a HIV test b) never having had a HCV test c)
not having a Pap smear in the last three years d) not having had a colonoscopy in last
10 years and/or stool-based test in the last year.

Exclusion Criteria:

1. plan to move out of the community during the next six months;

2. current or prior enrollment (5 five years) in any research study that involved
screening for these conditions.

3. Are adults unable to consent

4. Are individuals who are not yet adults (infants, children, teenagers)

5. Pregnant women

6. Prisoners
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Principal Investigator: Olveen Carrasquillo, MD
Phone: 305-243-7283
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