Tolerance of a Calorically Dense Enteral Nutrition Formula

Age Range:18 - Any
Start Date:June 2016
End Date:October 2017
Contact:Kemuel Reyes

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This prospective observational study seeks to demonstrate the ability to meet nutritional
needs of a calorically dense enteral formula in critically ill patients.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Adult aged > 18 years

- Admitted to Medical ICU with expected admission of ≥ 3 days

- Established enteral access

- Having obtained his/her or legal representative's informed consent.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Pregnant or lactating

- Condition which contraindicates enteral feeding (i.e. intestinal obstruction)

- Lack of enteral access

- Parenteral nutrition

- Any condition that would contraindicate use of the study product (i.e. need for
severe fluid restriction, cow's milk protein allergy, etc.)

- Subject who in the Investigator's assessment cannot be expected to comply with study

- Currently participating in another conflicting clinical trial.
We found this trial at
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73190
Principal Investigator: Karen Allen, MD
Oklahoma City, OK
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