Biomarkers for the Detection of Lymphatic Insufficiency

Status:Enrolling by invitation
Conditions:Breast Cancer
Therapuetic Areas:Oncology
Age Range:18 - Any
Start Date:September 2009
End Date:December 2025

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Acquired lymphedema is a disease that causes chronic swelling of the limb(s). It is
frequently under-recognized or misdiagnosed. This study is designed to lead to the
development of an accurate, noninvasive, blood test to allow testing for lymphedema.

The validation of a sensitive and specific biomarker assay for human acquired lymphatic
vascular insufficiency would represent a highly significant development for the patient
community. Accurate bioassay for the presence of lymphatic vascular insufficiency should help
to pave the road for future human clinical trials of experimental drugs and therapies
designed to treat human lymphatic diseases. Molecular profiling will be performed in human
tissues (skin) obtained by biopsy. The insights gained from these initial analyses will
determine the targets for assay in human body fluids (blood).

Inclusion Criteria:

For lymphedema participants:

history of acquired lymphedema of at least 6 months' duration.

For non-lymphedema participants with risk factors:

have undergone lymph node dissection and/or radiation therapy with no evidence of

Control participants: no evidence of lymphedema, no lymph node dissection, no radiation

Exclusion Criteria:

active cancer, infection or bleeding tendency
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