The Changes Within the Cells of the Drainage System of the Eye in Patients With Glaucoma

Therapuetic Areas:Ophthalmology
Age Range:21 - 80
Start Date:November 2014
End Date:January 2016
Contact:Safa Siraj, MS

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The Changes of Mitochondrial Dynamics and the Molecular Mechanisms in the Trabecular Meshwork of Patients With Glaucoma

The purpose of this study is to try to identify the cause of damage to the drainage system
of the eye (the trabecular meshwork). Damage to this system may cause elevation in the
pressure within the eye and thereby damage to the optic nerve and the vision.

During a routine trabeculectomy surgery, a corneo-scleral block that includes TM tissue will
be collected at the operating room. This tissue is routinely removed during every
trabeculectomy surgery. The tissue will be stored immediately in normal saline at 4 degrees
Celsius, and walked directly to the Jefferson Center for Translational Medicine at Thomas
Jefferson University by the Wills eye glaucoma research fellow. TM tissue will be identified
using light microscope base on TM cell pigmentation. The ocular tissue will be fixed and
placed in pre-cooled fixative on ice for 1 hour. The lengths of mitochondrial cross sections
at the longest extent will be measured under electron microscopy (EM) in order to identify
the mitochondrial dynamics. Quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction (qPCR) will be done to
identify proteins responsible for mitochondrial fusion.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Minimum 2-year diagnosis of POAG

- Moderate to advanced stage of the disease

- DDLS stages 5 through 10 with visual field loss

- Age between 21 and 80 years

- Planned trabeculectomy with or without concomitant catarct surgery

Exclusion Criteria:

- Age ≤ 20 years old

- Any other type of glaucoma other than POAG

- Patients who had undergone selective laser trabeculoplasty (SLT) or argon laser
trabeculoplasty (ALT)

- Patients with history of ocular trauma

- Patients with previous eye surgery will be excluded both from the study and the
control groups
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