Tobacco Status Project: Social Media Intervention for Young Adult Smokers

Conditions:Smoking Cessation
Therapuetic Areas:Pulmonary / Respiratory Diseases
Age Range:18 - 25
Start Date:October 2014
End Date:December 2017
Contact:Danielle E Ramo, PhD

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Social Media Intervention for Young Adult Smokers

This randomized clinical trial will test the efficacy of a Facebook intervention based on
the Transtheoretical Model (Prochaska and DiClemente) and US Public Health Service Clinical
Practice Guidelines with young adults who smoke cigarettes who are age 18 to 25 (N=480).

Participants will be randomized to one of two conditions: (1) a Facebook-delivered
intervention tailored to readiness to quit smoking; or (2) the control condition (referral
to the website). The intervention will include 12 weeks of Facebook-based
messages and activities tailored to participants' stage of change.

Assessments will occur at baseline, 3, 6, and 12 months follow-up. Assessments will include
measures on smoking patterns and thoughts about abstinence. All participants who report no
past 7-day smoking will be asked to give biochemical verification of smoking status with
saliva cotinine test kits that will be mailed to participants.

Inclusion Criteria:

- ages 18-25 years old

- english literate

- have access to smartphone with video capability or a computer that either has a web
camera or could successfully attach a web camera

- indicate they go on Facebook "most" (≥ 4) days per week

- have smoked ≥100 cigarettes in their lives and currently smoke at least 1 cigarette
per day on 3 or more days of the week

Exclusion Criteria:

- do not read English

- younger than 18 or older than 25 years of age

- do not have access to a Smartphone with video capability or a web camera

- only go on Facebook 3 or fewer days a week

- have smoked less than 100 cigarettes in their lifetime or do not currently smoke at
least 1 cigarette per day on 3 or more days of the week
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