Enhancing Behavior and Brain Response to Visual Targets Using a Computer Game

Age Range:Any
Start Date:April 2014
End Date:April 2022
Contact:Nicole R Wright, BS

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Participants will play a computer game that is controlled by their gaze patterns and designed
to direct attention their attention to specific on-screen targets. Visual attention to
targets will be rewarded. Both visual behavior and brain response will be recorded during
game play.

It is hypothesized that that, over the course of the game, relative to baseline, participants
will show (a) increased looking to targets, (b) decreased response time to targets, and (c)
enhanced, more efficient neural response to visual cues. It is hypothesized that clinical
variability will associate with visual attention and brain response.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Able to participate in an eye-tracking experiment

- Able to participate in an EEG experiment

Exclusion Criteria:

- Sensory or physical impairment that would preclude completion of protocol

- Participants taking prescription medications that may affect cognitive processes

- Participants reporting significant head trauma or history of seizures
We found this trial at
New Haven, Connecticut 06520
Principal Investigator: James C McPartland, PhD
Phone: 203-785-3488
New Haven, CT
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