Impact of Self-Monitoring Technology and Interventionist Contact on Weight Loss

Conditions:Obesity Weight Loss, Obesity Weight Loss
Therapuetic Areas:Endocrinology
Age Range:18 - 70
Start Date:December 2013
End Date:June 2015

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Despite continued research on effective interventions, obesity remains a major public health
issue in the United States. Current treatments, including behavioral weight management
programs, weight loss surgery, and pharmacotherapy, tend to be high in cost and have limited
reach, reducing the ability of these treatments to address the population-wide scope of the
obesity epidemic. Recent advances in technology that improve the ease of self-monitoring and
provide targeted feedback offer promise to help larger groups of individuals to lose weight.
Despite the commercial popularity of these products, however, little research has been
conducted to evaluate their impact on excess body weight or to determine how they should
ideally be implemented. Two key questions need to be addressed. First, is use of
self-monitoring technology sufficient to produce weight loss, or must this technology be
combined with interventionist contact? Second, how cost-effective is a technology-based
intervention, with and without interventionist contact? The current study is small
prospective, randomized pilot study comparing a self-guided self-monitoring condition (SC)
to a technology only condition (TECH) and a technology plus interventionist support
condition (TECH+INT). All participants will all be given basic weight management information
knowledge and randomized to one of three conditions. Participants in the self-guided
self-monitoring condition (SC) will receive traditional paper self-monitoring logs, a
standard body weight scale, and a pedometer and calorie book; participants in the
technology-based condition (TECH) will receive an electronic activity monitor and
WiFi-enabled body weight scale, and will track caloric intake via an associated website; and
participants in the interventionist contact condition (TECH+INT) will receive the same
technology as in the TECH condition, combined with weekly interventionist contact delivered
via telephone. We will compare the impact of each condition on weight loss and investigate
preliminary cost-effectiveness.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Age between 18 and 70

- BMI between 27 and 40 kg/m2

- Access to a computer and WIFI in the home

Exclusion Criteria:

- Weight over 340 lbs

- Physical limitations that prevent walking 1/4 mile without stopping

- Currently participating in another weight loss program or taking weight loss

- Currently pregnant, lactating, less than 6-months post-partum, or plans to become
pregnant during the 6-month study period

- Uncontrolled hypertension or diabetes

- History of coronary heart disease

- Terminal Illness

- Plans to relocate during the 6-month study period

- Substance Abuse

- Severe psychiatric disorders

- Dementia
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