3 Dimensional Sonography Imaging

Age Range:18 - 45
Start Date:December 2012
End Date:April 2017

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3D Sonographic Volumetric Analysis of Ovarian Follicles.

The study is designed to evaluate a new imaging modality, 3-dimmensional sonographic
volumetric analysis, and compare it to the conventional 2-dimmensional analysis that is
currently in place. Those patients who are scheduled to have an ultrasound as part of their
infertility treatment will be offered the opportunity to have additional measurements done
at the time of their ultrasound; these additional measurements will take less than 2 minutes
and do no require any additional sonograms, tests, or interventions. All patients are
eligible (oocyte donors and autologous oocyte patients) and only patients with a serum
estradiol > 2000pg/ML will be enrolled in the study. After the additional measurements are
obtained, the results will be digitally stored. The results of the 3D sonographic volumetric
analysis will then be correlated with the patients' IVF performance.

The benefits of the study is that 3-dimensional sonographic volumetric analysis may be a
superior imaging modality for sonographically assessing oocyte maturity and may lead to
change in clinical practice. The lone risk of the study is rooted in protecting the
patients' protected health information.

Inclusion Criteria:

- All patients (oocyte donors and autologous oocyte patients)with a serum estradiol >

Exclusion Criteria:

- All patients not meeting the estradiol criteria.
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