Promoting Fetal Movement Monitoring: Improving Birth Outcomes

Age Range:18 - Any
Start Date:March 2013
Contact:Shannon S Manocheh

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The purpose of the study is to find out the best way to help pregnant women keep track of
their baby's movements. During pregnancy, feeling your baby's movements is normal. A
decrease in movement can indicate potential problems with your baby's well-being. This
study will see if daily electronic reminders and kick count charts help women to better
track their baby's movements over the last weeks of pregnancy.

Pregnant women coming to the Hoffman and Associates or the Center for Advanced Fetal Care at
Mercy Medical Center for their prenatal care and delivery may join this study. You must be
able to receive daily text messages on your cell phone or have access to a computer to check
daily emails in order to take part in the study. It is expected that 80 pregnant women will
take part in this study. The study will end within a month after the delivery of your baby.

There is some evidence in the published literature suggesting that maternal monitoring of
fetal movement may improve fetal mortality rates and infant health. Kick counting is a
specific strategy to monitor fetal movement. Kick counts are typically performed in a daily
10-minute increment or until a specified number of "kicks" has been counted. In general,
keeping track of kick counts begins in the 28th week of pregnancy, or earlier for high-risk
pregnancies. Keeping track of kick counts allows the mother to monitor her baby's normal
activity pattern and to identify when the baby's movement may decrease.

This study will be conducted to examine whether daily electronic reminders, sent using
either cell phone text messages or computer-based emails, delivered in conjunction with the
use of a paper-based kick count chart, increases the likelihood of completion of the
paper-based kick count chart as well as knowledge regarding use of kick count methods
compared to the paper-based kick count chart alone.

Inclusion Criteria:

- 24-28 weeks pregnant

- able to receive daily text messages or emails

- 18 years of age or older

- willing to sign informed consent

Exclusion Criteria:

-unable to sign informed consent
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