Neuromuscular Consequences of Knee Arthroscopy

Age Range:15 - 65
Start Date:November 2012
End Date:December 2017
Contact:Terry L Grindstaff, PhD, PT, ATC

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To determine changes in quadriceps muscle function following the application of ice and
compression to the knee.

Novel rehabilitation methods, that specifically target decreased muscle activation due to
joint pathology prior to strength training, have elicited greater improvements in muscle
function and self-reported disability compared to traditional therapies. Preliminary
evidence suggests applying cryotherapy to a joint prior to exercise can increase quadriceps
activation. It is unknown if applying cryotherapy and intermittent pneumatic compression can
also increase quadriceps force output and voluntary activation. The purpose of this study is
to determine changes in quadriceps force output and voluntary activation following the
application of cryotherapy and compression. The investigators hypothesize there will be an
increase in quadriceps force output and voluntary activation following the application of
cryotherapy and compression.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Age 15-65 years

- BMI < 30

- Candidate for arthroscopic knee surgery to address meniscus pathology or arthroscopic
knee surgery within the past 2 years.

Exclusion Criteria:

- Participants who are outside of age range

- Ligamentous insufficiency or repair

- Participants with traumatic spine or lower extremity injury within past 6 months

- Participants who have had previous adverse reactions to electrical stimulation or
cryotherapy (i.e. burns, hypersensitivity)

- Medical conditions which would be contraindications to electrical stimulation or
transcranial magnetic stimulation, including cardiac pacemaker, metal implants in the
head, current pregnancy, neurological disorders, and history of seizures

- Participants who are unable to give consent or are unable to understand procedures of
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