Normative Data of Brain Network Activation in Adolescents and Young Adults

Conditions:Healthy Studies
Therapuetic Areas:Other
Age Range:15 - 24
Start Date:August 2012
Contact:Joseph L. Moore, BS, CPSGT

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Establishment of Normative Data of Brain Network Activation (BNA) Using Evoked Response Potentials in Adolescents and Young Adults

Establish normative data of ElMindA's Brain Network Activation (BNA) using evoked response
in two age groups: adolescents and young adults.

Currently, there is no reliable, practical, and non-invasive method for assessing changes in
electrophysiological activity of the brain associated with brain-related pathologies, e.g.,
concussion, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders (ASD), etc. Event Related Potentials (ERPs),
which are temporal reflections of the neural mass electrical activity of cells in specific
regions of the brain that occur in response to stimuli, may offer such a method, as they
provide both a noninvasive and portable measure of brain function. The ERPs provide
excellent temporal information, but spatial resolution for ERPs has traditionally been
limited. However, by using high-density electroencephalograph (EEG) recording spatial
resolution for ERPs is improved significantly. The paradigm for the current study will
combine neurophysiological knowledge with mathematical signal processing and pattern
recognition methods (BNA) to temporally and spatially map brain function, connectivity and

The need of objective measures that will help the clinician in its decision making in
brain-related pathologies is recognized. BNA is a new imaging modality that has been
developed to fill this gap.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Age 15-24 years.

- Able to speak, read and understand English sufficiently to understand the nature of
the study, and to allow completion of all study assessments.

- Willingness to participate and able to give informed assent (child) and/or consent
(parent for minors or adult 18+ years of age for self).

Exclusion Criteria:

- Currently participate in a contact sport (e.g., football, hockey, soccer, rugby,
lacrosse, martial arts).

- Currently with lice or open wounds on scalp.

- Any chronic disease as determined by clinical evaluation and medical history.

- Any psychiatric disorder, e.g., depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenic disorder,
etc. as determined by clinical evaluation and the Mini International Neuropsychiatric
Interview (MINI)

- Any CNS neurologic disorder, e.g., epilepsy, seizures, etc. as determined by clinical

- Any neuropsychological disorders, e.g.: ADHD, Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), etc.
as determined by clinical evaluation

- History of Special education, e.g., reading disorder (dyslexia), writing disorder
(dysgraphia), math disorder (dyscalculia), nonverbal learning disorder.

- History of any medication affecting CNS within the last 3 months, e.g.,
antidepressants, anticonvulsants, psychostimulants, first generation antihistamines,

- Substance abuse in the last 3 months.

- Significant sensory deficits, e.g., deafness or blindness.

- History of any clinically significant brain trauma as determined by the investigator.
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