Study of Gene Associations and Infertility

Status:Enrolling by invitation
Conditions:Women's Studies, Infertility
Therapuetic Areas:Reproductive
Age Range:18 - 50
Start Date:February 2006
End Date:December 2025

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Genes and Gene Polymorphisms Associated With Infertility: Utilization of DNA Characteristics to Better Understand Reproductive Competence

The purpose of this this study is to use DNA screening strategies to identify genes and
localize genomic regions that are differentially expressed in patients with infertility to
further understand the genetic basis for reproductive competence.

Experimental strategies seek to discover small variants in DNA sequences, which are
associated with certain infertility parameters. The alleles being analyzed in in vitro
fertilization (IVF) population are sought to be associated with functional differences in the
expression of the gene product that are then mechanistically linked to infertility.

Inclusion Criteria:

- all patients undergoing fertility care

Exclusion Criteria:
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