Evaluation of Patients With Endocrine-Related Conditions

Conditions:Cancer, Obesity Weight Loss, Brain Cancer, Endocrine, Diabetes
Therapuetic Areas:Endocrinology, Oncology
Age Range:18 - 100
Start Date:May 16, 2000
Contact:Lynnette K Nieman, M.D.
Phone:(301) 496-8935

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This study will evaluate patients with a variety of endocrine disorders in order to 1) learn
more about conditions that affect the endocrine glands (glands that secrete hormones) and 2)
to train physicians in endocrinology.

Patients of all ages with endocrine-related conditions may be eligible for evaluation under
this protocol. Those enrolled may be required to provide blood, saliva, urine or stool
samples, and to undergo ultrasound examination of the thyroid gland, ovaries or testes,
adrenal glands or other parts of the body. Laboratory or X-ray studies may be done for
diagnostic or treatment purposes. In some cases, patients will receive medical or surgical
treatment for their disorder. Patients and family members of patients with a hereditary
disorder may be asked to provide a blood sample for genetic analysis.

This protocol is designed to allow inpatient and outpatient evaluation of adults with a
variety of endocrine disorders for purposes of research and physician education in our
accredited endocrinology training programs. The research-directed evaluations may include
blood, saliva, or urine samples, or evaluation tissue that was routinely collected for
clinical care. In some patients with endocrine disorders, laboratory or radiological studies
will be performed to confirm a diagnosis or to aid in the management of the patient, using
standard approaches in current clinical practice. In some cases, the patient will receive
medical, radiation or surgical treatment for their disorder. The purpose of these evaluations
or treatments to support our clinical training or research missions.


- Adult patients of all ages with endocrine-related conditions will be eligible for this

- Both male and female subjects of all ethnic backgrounds are eligible.


- Unstable patients and patients with severe organ failure that may affect/limit the
endocrine work-up and exhaust Clinical Center and/or NICHD resources will be excluded
if appropriate. Decisions will be made on a case by case basis by investigators.

- Subjects who are unable to provide informed consent will not be accrued; however, if
patients have previously given consent, they will continue to be seen for ongoing
clinical care. If they require medically-indicated procedures, we will follow NIH
policy regarding obtaining consent from next of kin if they have not indicated a
medical decision maker.

- Minor subjects will not be accrued; they will be referred to NICHD protocols or other
NIDDK protocols for evaluation of eligibility.

- Prisoners will not be recruited. If a subject becomes incarcerated during the study,
s/he may continue to participate so as to not compromise medical care.
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