Collection and Storage of Tissue Samples From Patients Undergoing Surgery For Suspected Solid Tumors

Therapuetic Areas:Oncology
Age Range:18 - 120
Start Date:May 2004
End Date:May 2020

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Advanced Tumor Bank Project

RATIONALE: Collecting and storing samples of tissue or blood from patients with cancer for
study in the laboratory may help the study of cancer in the future

PURPOSE: This research study is collecting and storing blood and tissue samples from patients
with suspected solid tumors.


- To provide a tissue and cell repository to be used by Wake Forest University
Comprehensive Cancer Center (WFUCCC) investigators.

- To provide specialized research pathology services to these investigators.

OUTLINE: Tumor and normal tissue in the resected specimen (when possible) are harvested and
collected from patients undergoing planned surgery or biopsy. Additionally, any normal tissue
and/or fluid removed in the course of the operation (e.g., cerebrospinal fluid during brain
tumor resection) may also be stored for use in analyzing changes from normal tissue to
cancerous tissue. Specimens are rapidly frozen in liquid nitrogen to preserve the mRNA,
proteins, lipids, and DNA in the samples for future analysis. Tissue is stored for research
projects on tumors and treatment of cancer patients. Research may involve analysis of the
genetic makeup of the tumor tissue. Genes may be cloned and living cells cultured from the
stored tissue. Blood is also collected during surgery. Samples are maintained and cataloged
for future retrieval.

Information about medical history is collected from patient medical records. This information
includes the following: medical diagnosis; specific information about treatment; other
medical conditions; medical data (i.e., laboratory test results, tumor measurements, CT
scans, MRI scans, x-rays, and pathology results); side effects experienced and treatment for
side effects; long-term information about general health status and the status of disease;
data that may be related to tissue and/or blood samples collected; and identifying numbers or
codes (i.e., social security number and medical record number).

Inclusion Criteria:

- Clinically suspected solid tumor AND scheduled for surgical resection and/or biopsy
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