Methadone in Pediatric and Adult Sickle Cell Patients

Therapuetic Areas:Hematology
Age Range:7 - 40
Start Date:January 2008
End Date:December 2017

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To determine the pharmacokinetics of methadone in children and adults with SCD who are
experiencing a painful episode.

Inclusion Criteria:

- Greater than or equal to 7 years and less than or equal to 40 years

- Confirmed diagnosis of any form of sickle cell disease, including sickle cell anemia,
sickle-hemoglobin C disease, and sickle-B thalassemia

- Currently experiencing a vaso-occlusive episode (VOE), defined as acute pain in the

- Admitted to the inpatient unit for further treatment

- Started on morphine patient controlled analgesia and infusion for pain management

Exclusion Criteria:

- Diagnosis of acute chest syndrome

- New focal neurologic findings or clinical concern of stroke

- Aplastic crisis with hemoglobin 2 g/dl below steady-state value

- Allergy to morphine or methadone

- Any other medical condition that the attending physician deems to be a
contraindication to therapy

- Liver or renal insufficiency or failure, and congestive heart failure
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Principal Investigator: Evan D Kharasch, MD, PhD
Phone: 314-362-7551
St. Louis, MO
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