Mary Rutan Hospital
205 Palmer Ave.
Bellefontaine, Ohio 43311

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The hospital was endowed by the sale of a farm in Ridgeway owned by the late Rebecca Rutan-Williams. The farm was sold for $74,000, half of which was to be used for building and equipping and half for maintenance. The medical facility was to serve as a memorial to Rebecca Rutan-William's mother, Mary Rutan.

With money available for construction, the responsibility of designing the hospital structure came to architect Frank L. Packard.

Knowlton Brothers was then made the general contractors for the project. The hospital contract was the company's first job in this area. The community was very pleased and encouraged by Knowlton Brothers work and made them feel very welcome, and the brothers made Logan County their home.

In March of 1919, the two-story colonial style building was complete. The original brick was described as velvety red with seven colors blended, and additional trim was white. The original building was 96 by 40 feet, and the main building contained a wing that was 50 by 38 feet. The land upon which it was located had a frontage of 176 feet and a depth of 340 feet. Picture this description of the hospital: "the grounds are spacious, sloping from the building, which faces west, and rolling in the rear to the broad acres that lie to the east, commanding a splendid view. Comfortable porches are about the building, spots that will be sought by invalids who are convalescing, and above all else there is an air of remoteness to the place because of the wooded sections to the rear, although the building is easily accessible, but a few minutes' ride from the city."

When the hospital opened it could accommodate 24 patients, and it had the potential of serving an additional 11 persons in emergency situations.

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