Dana-Farber: Massachusetts’ Leading Cancer Institute

Children living free of cancer risksThe success of this year’s Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk has gotten us thinking about the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. If you don’t live in the Northeast, there’s a chance that you might not know that much about this medical center. We’d like to change that today if you have a few minutes to spare.

This weekend marked the 26th Jimmy Fund Walk, an event that has helped raise millions in funding for cancer research and improved patient care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Thanks to more than 8,500 walkers, this year was the most successful to date! Over several decades, this facility has helped change the lives of so many cancer patients and their families.

Boston’s Leading Cancer Institute

The institute was founded in 1947 with a clear and resolute mission. Dana-Farber would provide the best medical care possible to children and adults combating cancer. Their specialists have access to the best oncological treatments, and their researchers are working towards a cure by conducting cutting-edge research in Massachusetts.

Not only is Dana-Farber one of the leading facilities in Boston, but the National Cancer Institute has recognized it as one of the nation’s premier Comprehensive Cancer Centers. They’ve taken a unique approach in their commitment to patient care and clinical research, which has resulted in an unprecedented level of collaboration between their clinicians and research teams. It means that scientific breakthroughs are implemented in clinical practices at a much more effective rate.

Some interesting stats about the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute include:

  • The institute maintains a staff of 4,000.
  • They handle more than 300,000 patient visitations on an annual basis.
  • Actively involved in about 700 cancer clinical trials (several of them you can see listed here).
  • World renowned for its prowess in the fields of clinical research and care.

(This institute is routinely one of the first to test next generation cancer therapies as they come through the research pipeline.)

Dana-Farber’s Immense Network of Connections

Dana-Farber's Network of AssociatesThe institute also serves as the principal teaching affiliate of Harvard Medical School. This collaboration led to the founding of the Harvard Cancer Center and the Center for AIDS Research at Harvard University.

Connections mean a lot in this world, and the same goes for a world-class facility like the Dana-Farber Institute. The center maintains a strong network with a variety of research institutions and hospitals to help improve patient care. Some of their reputable partners include:

These partnerships allow staff members to provide more advanced training in cancer treatment and research. The network is also leveraged to launch more effective community-based programs for cancer detection and prevention throughout Massachusetts. They don’t plan to slow down until diseases like cancer and AIDS are no longer a threat to the people.

If you’d like to learn more about the Jimmy Fund Walk, please visit www.jimmyfund.org.