New Clinical Trials for Type 2 Diabetes

Enroll in a Clinical Trial for DiabetesType 2 diabetes clinical research focuses on ways to improve the lives and lifespan of those suffering from this condition. Certain research also looks at the correlation between type 2 diabetes and other health issues.

It is the goal in conducting type 2 diabetes clinical studies to determine better ways of preventing and managing this condition.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and are interested in taking part in a type 2 diabetes clinical trial, please review the list of available trials and contact us.

What is Type 2 Diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes, also known as NIDDM or Adult Onset Diabetes, is a metabolic disorder caused by high blood glucose levels. Unlike type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes is caused by a combination of genetic and lifestyle factors and usually occurs in adulthood. Rather than a problem with the production of insulin, type 2 diabetes is a problem with how cells respond to insulin. Contributing lifestyle factors include obesity, smoking, drinking alcohol, and lack of exercise. Other factors that can potentially cause or aggravate type 2 diabetes include hypertension, elevated cholesterol, acromegaly, Cushing’s syndrome, chronic pancreatitis, and cancer. Symptoms of type 2 diabetes include frequent urination, thirst, hunger, and weight loss.

Type 2 Diabetes Treatments

The best prevention or treatment for type 2 diabetes is to change the lifestyle factors that are causing the condition. This includes losing weight, eating a more nutritious diet, getting more exercise, and not smoking or drinking alcohol. Medical ways of treating type 2 diabetes include taking Metformin pills and administering insulin injections. It is estimated that over 150 million people worldwide suffer from type 2 diabetes. With rates doubling between 1999 and 2005 the CDC has declared this to be an epidemic.

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