Clinical Trials for Contraception Birth Control

Women who enroll in a contraception clinical trialThe contraception birth control patch has many similarities with birth control pills. Since birth control pills have been studied for many years now a lot is known about them. This is helpful when studying the patches, but there are also many differences between the two.

Contraception birth control patch clinical studies might research the way the hormones are administered differently. If you are currently using the patch please review our list of current contraception birth control patch clinical trials

What is Contraception Birth Control Patch?

A contraception birth control patch is similar to a birth control pill in that it is a way for women to control pregnancy. The patch is applied to clean, dry skin and left on for seven days at a time. It slowly releases estrogen and progestin hormones and works by preventing ovulation and inhibiting sperm penetration. Introduced in 2002, the only brand currently available in the United States is the Ortho Avra brand.

As with the pill, the contraception birth control patch may lead to regular and lighter menstrual periods. Contraception birth control patch clinical trials have shown it to be as effective as birth control pills when used correctly. Studies also show it has potential side effects in some users. These include nausea, skin irritation where the patch was applied and breast tenderness.

Contraception Birth Control Patch Treatments

Contraception birth control patches are mainly used to prevent pregnancy. In some cases the patches are also prescribed by doctors as a treatment for something else. They can help regulate periods in women with irregular periods.

They can also reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms (PMS) in those who suffer more extreme discomfort as a result of their menstrual cycle. Contraception birth control patch treatments might also include protection against iron deficiency anemia, endometrial and ovarian cancers, and ovarian cysts.

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