New Clinical Trials for Shingles Vaccine

Principal investigator for shingles vaccine clinical trialShingles vaccine clinical studies have resulted in the development of a viable vaccine. More clinical studies and trials are needed to learn the cause of shingles and also to further test the vaccine. It has also been shown that people with exposure to children with chicken pox will be more resilient to shingles.

Since children in the United States are vaccinated for chicken pox, this occurs less frequently. In Europe they do not vaccinate for chicken pox or shingles. If you have been diagnosed with this ailment and are interested in participating in a shingles vaccine clinical trial please review the list of current trials.

What is Shingles Vaccine?

Shingles is an ailmThe subject matter for vaccine clinical research is almost endless, so check the list of vaccine clinical trials and we’ll let you know if you qualify.ent that can stay dormant in the body for many years. It occurs in people who have had chicken pox, but may not show up until many years later. It manifests itself as a rash with blisters and can also cause painful damage to underlying nerves. It is not completely understood how it stays dormant in the body for so long and what causes it to reappear. A vaccine has been developed which is marketed under the brand name Zostavax. Shingles is also known as Herpes zoster, zoster and zona.

Treating Shingles with Vaccines

Shingles treatments include prescribing antiviral drugs that can reduce the severity of shingles symptoms. In 2005 a study was done with 38,000 cases. A shingles vaccine treatment was given and it prevented shingles in approximately half of the cases. The shingles vaccine has shown to be a cost effective means of treating shingles, meaning it is less expensive to administer the vaccine than it is to treat the ailment itself.

In the United States the Center for Disease Control recommends the vaccine for those over age 60. While the vaccine may prevent shingles it is not recommended for use during an outbreak as treatment.

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